Ford Ranger Features Advanced Technology

Whether you need to haul people or things, you have options with the new Ford Ranger. This popular mid-size pickup has design features that make it stand out. Let’s go take a look at a sampling of these design features.

First off, you can choose either the SuperCab or SuperCrew to meet your needs. You also have the ability to have the seat removed in the XL model for carrying gear. The interior is made for comfort and convenience. The cab can seat up to five.

The Ford Ranger is designed so that all of the instruments are conveniently located. The ranger features driver assist technologies, such as Ford Co-Pilot 360 and Lane-Keeping technology. If you continue to drift out of lane, the truck will tell you that it is time to take a break with a coffee icon. These are only a few of the advanced design features of the Ford Ranger.



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