The Future of Ford: Taking a Look at the 2020 Lineup

As humans, we often wonder what the future might hold. In the case of Ford, it looks as though the future will be filled with exciting developments and fresh thinking. Motorists in North America have a lot to look forward to from their 2020 lineup.

Perhaps the most exciting thing for car enthusiasts to become enthused about is the fact that Ford plans to add four new trucks and SUVs to their lineup in 2020 - adding to an already stellar roster of vehicles. It is also exciting to learn that Ford is doubling down on their commitment to driver safety. They announced that their Ford Co-Pilot 360 safety package will come as standard on all new vehicles.

If you would like to chat about more of Ford's exciting developments, stop by the Chatsworth Ford showroom - our friendly staff is always excited to talk to fellow gearheads.



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